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Start by downloading and printing the white belt quiz for your appropriate level.  There is a beginner and an intermediate level.  Check with your teacher to see which level is right for you.  Once you feel up to the challenge, then bring a copy of the quiz to your class. Your teacher will then quiz you on it.
Beginning Reading Belt Quizzes
Reading Belt Quizzes
White and Black Keys Keyboard Trainer  Make sure the “Black Keys” on the right side of the page is ON (if you want to practice with flats and sharps or OFF if you are starting to learn the keys. Play for 3 minutes or until you feel you can locate the keys without any trouble.  Treble Clef Note Reading Page Turner 20 questions about notes in the treble clef (c-g).  You have 40 seconds to named them all!  Treble Clef Note Reading Music Teacher Invaders 1 20 questions about notes in the treble clef.   Music Teacher Invaders 2 20 questions about notes in the bass clef.  Music Teacher Invaders 3 20 questions about notes in treble and bass clef.  Fling the teacher 15 questions about notes in the treble and bass clef.  (All Notes) Note Trainer Choose which keys you want to work on. Ask your teacher to help you, if you get stuck choosing the range of notes you need to practice.   Music Terminology Half a Minute Quiz 9 questions on music terminology.
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